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Click Go & Buy

Quality In All We Do

   Click Go and Buy started as an eCommerce, retail company focusing on consumer products, over 11+ years we have evolved into a leading wholesaler, refurbisher, 3PL, and distributor. Our goal is to always provide high end, quality products and excellent service.

We started out with just a few hundred customers and have grown to a customer base of millions in our years doing business.

   Since our establishment, Click Go and Buy, Inc has prioritized customer support, satisfaction, and service thereby earning consumer and vendor confidence and buying power. Those are the key traits which allow us to leverage excellent prices and committed trade partners on each selling platform and various distribution channels. As a buyer, that translates into better prices, a vast selection of products and services.

   With over 11+ years of experience, we hope that you too will trust us to help you with your needs. Our motto is to be a reliable, trust-worthy and sincere provider of goods and services. We have served endless clients and vendors that will attest to that. Quality in all that we do.

Our Services


   Due to our history in the eComerce, retail industry has given us ample opportunity to forge some of the strongest and most valuable marketplace relationships a retail company might have.  

Each prior relationship helps us to offer new opportunities to future partnerships.  Whether we are the top retail operation on your sales channel or the top buyer for your company’s goods; it is strongly impacted by our history & our network.

In a fast paced business world, everything changes, from the products to the players.  In such a volatile marketplace, it’s important to work with those you trust.  Those who say what they mean and keep their word through adversity.  To us, this is professionalism.

We have both the intention and the ability to manage rich and detailed interpersonal agreements.  Our software and business model allows us to sell or restrict goods from desired marketplaces.  We are able to redirect, reprice, match and compete wherever we happen to be.  So whether your company wants to maintain it’s allure and caliber through MAP agreements and specifically defined channels or you want to place your product in the hands of every man, woman and child; we can do it.


When the promises have been made, the results are only as good as the people working to get them.  We use the latest technology in our field to leverage endless information that others miss. With years of data mined and applied in turn, allows us to thread the needle of profitability and volume in a unique way.

By leveraging our understanding of our buyers, we are able to provide exceptional support.

  • Fraudulent orders are stopped before they are shipped.

  • Return customers are identified and recognized thereby creating stronger relationship with our buyers.

  • Profitable goods are pursued relentlessly while unprofitable or unpopular goods are converted to highly useful lossleaders


Each step is a new is a new opportunity to build a better relationship.  Each failure opens a new door to success.


   Time is money!  Every minute that your product is not on in the eyes of the public, you are losing money.  Every minute that your sales channel does not have exceptional goods, you too are losing money.  We are the bridge between that gap.  

Our years of experience and close network relationships have allowed us the opportunity to fill each and everyone’s needs.  Our close relationships with our buyers allow us to predict, demand and deliver the needs of today’s marketplace.  Our company infrastructure creates opportunities for a company of any size to get the exposure and volume that their company or product deserves


   Economic partnerships are the cornerstone of any thriving business.  Economic climates will change.  Products, ideals, demand and supply will each fluctuate just as the weather.  But each relationship is a bond that can weather the storm.  We are firmly committed to our buyers, our vendors, our customers, and our retail channels.  Contrary to the conventional wisdom these roles are not mutually exclusive.  It is simply not immediate. Whether its 3PL Services, Account Management, or even jump starting your accounts. Our experience gives us the ability to see a panorama that is easily overlooked by the novice.

“If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together”

Our Staff

Our talented staff, company culture, infrastructure, and years of experience provide a visible difference that will incomparably impact your bottom line.

  • Our friendly & experienced customer support team makes our shoppers feel at ease.  When there is an issue, it is quickly resolved to mutual benefit.  Each sale, in fact each complaint, is an opportunity to create a positive shopping experience.  Some of our customer’s most powerful feedback have come from potentially damaging experiences that were handled to everyone’s delight.

  • Our staff is tech savvy and therefor exceptionally efficient.  This allows us an opportunity to understand the marketplaces we are a part of.  That understanding limits loss and increases revenue.

  • We are geographically located in a major metropolitan area within a small and interconnected network of warehouses.  We are able to source, repackage and deliver any number of items on a daily basis & in a timely manner.

It is for these reasons, and many more behind the scenes operations that allow us to automatically bring your company the results it needs.  Whether you have a retail channel that needs reputable and capable partners or you have a product that needs to reach the masses within a short period of time; we can make that happen.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email. Reach out to us with any questions or comments you might have.  Our operation is one that grows with each and every bond.  The first step is a single message.

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